#1 World Solitaire Game FREE on your Mobile!

Are you a Solitaire fan or just looking into new exciting way of spending time? We are glad to introduce you spectacular new Solitaire app, which is also absolutely FREE. Solitaire Game from Monster brain studios is the next generation card game combining classic Solitaire design with the most innovative development practices, design and the best game logic.

The main idea of the game is to bring Solitaire lovers together. In Solitaire Game you can connect with millions of people from all over the world. You also can bring in you old friends and settle your Solitaire Community with them.

Solitaire Game includes exciting multi-player game modes, like tutorials and leagues. Based on your XP level and balance of chips (Solitaire game currency) we match you with the right candidates and you can compete for the pull prizes. In the league system, you can either play in your self-designed or friend's league, or take part in one of the country or world leagues.

Not fancy for challenges and just want to relax, play in "1 on 1" game mode with your friends or other players. No internet, no problem. You still can play Solitaire Game Offline.

Let's start to play!

Solitaire Game Strategy

The objective of the game is to locate all the 52 cards you have on hands to the foundation piles. You should build four foundation piles of the same suit in the ascending order starting with the ace and ending with the king. The cards are laying faces-down on the tableau in seven piles, only the top cards are turned faces up. You can drag the cards in between the piles in order to flip the underlying ones. You can put cards in the descending order only keeping the alternate colors. When you are out of moves you can flip the stock pile, which is the pile of facing-down cards in the top left corner. Once you have flipped the stock pile the cards moved to the waist pile either in 1 or 3 draws. AT the start of the game you choose whether to have 1 or 3 cards in the draw. From the waist pile you can drag the cards directly to the foundations or to use them in the tableau.

In Solitaire Game you can use the hints which will highlight the underlying cards, or x-ray you the cards in the waist, or suggest the move, if you are missing it. The hints can be purchased in the game store for the chips you earned.

Once you have dragged all of the cards into the foundation piles, the game is over and you are the Solitaire Champ!

Solitaire Game Features

Solitaire Game is the next generation FREE appdesigned both for Android and iOS devices. You can easily download our app in Google Play or in App Store. The game is developed using the latest technologies, it comprises high quality graphics and cutting-edge design. Our team of passionate professionals has made it extremely user-friendly and took a great care of empowering Solitaire Game with the best gaming logic strongly outperforming other games. Solitaire Game doesn't support third-party ads, so you don't have any interruption while playing and there is no hidden traffic embedded.

The best thing about Solitaire game is that is very social. Why to play alone when you can challenge millions other players from all over the world. Start with playing "1 on 1" tutorials in relaxing mode or train your Solitaire skills, earn XP and game chips and gems playing in Las Vegas game versus intelligent computer. Also experience real Vegas spirit. Take part in weekly league competition on country or world level. Build your Leader Board score and get into the top players. Play with your friends form social networks, together you can create your own Solitaire Game leagues. Add other players to your friend lists, edit and remove friends from the list if needed. Chat while having a Solitaire round and exchange gifts. Also try out FREE mini-games, where you can earn additional chips and gems, apart that they are real fun.